Oct 24, 2006

The Herat UFO testing airstrip

The Herat UFO testing airstrip
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Onlookers look in amazement as they see a test flight of an early UFO craft at the top secret UFO Facility #382 in the mid 18th century. This is an another recently recovered photo document that shows tests such as these that help led the way to both the Pakistani Starfleet and Kabul Galactic Command to be formed. As you can see below the UFO, an alien, one of the first to help humans engineer such craft to be called their own helps instruct the personnel at the base. Ofcorse if the people had not been so eager to dissect the aliens that crashed in Roswell, NM they would have been given the same shared knowledge and help too. It's a lesson to learn..........do not dissect what you don't know, instead shake hands with what you don't know and come to know it in a loving and sharing way.

Oct 22, 2006

from daydream scream

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