Feb 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Recalled by Mother Ship!

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson has gone home- He has left this confounded little excuse for planet after a highly successful mission.

-"Today begins 4 decades of National State sponsered Mourning!"- George W. Bush speaking on behalf of the Late Richard M. Nixon

-"Too many Swine!- It finaly got wierd enough for him."-Dr. Freaky Deaky

-What do we do now? What kind of memorial do you have for an Icon? _CMBaily (Kunta Chadwick)

-It is with great sadness that we read about the death of one of the greatest journalists of the modern day. It is hard to believe a world without the true incoherent ramblings of a great mind will no longer grace our presence.
We all mourn the loss for the Great Gonzo Dr. Thompson! _ Gary Dubofsky Vice-President

Photo by Weasle/Gonzo a.k.a. Weasle/Gonzo
-"He so inspired us to chew on the skull. Go, stomp, drive!"

It was damn good storm this weekend that blanketed most of Western
Colorado with 5-20 inches of snow falling west of the divide depending
where you were.
Woodycreek got its share as well.
In Summit County County, the best account of the President's day
weekend without Nixon and Hunter goes like this:.
Elevation 11,045 elevation
Posted on a board at the base of the Pall lift at A-Basin
"What would the founding fathers have done?"
"A backside 360"
I think Hunter would have gone for a "Frontside 720".
At any rate, somebody left the gate open
I Don't Understand? Find me a river. -Joe III (Founding Member)

-A piece of history to my beloved Gonzo friends:

I only learned this late last year...
I always knew my Uncle Norman (a wonderful man whom I adore) grew up on a ranch in Woody Creek, Colo. I also knew that his father sold the massive ranch that had been in our family for most of the last century by parcel in the 1960's. My great uncle lived to be 92 and if he told you his name, he told you that he sold the ranch too soon. The land is worth billions today.

What I didn't know was that the best piece of the land, the part where the family homestead had been built, and the place where my Uncle Norm grew up riding his horse to school, was sold to a man named Hunter S. Thompson.
Take care everyone,
Laura R.

And now this.....................SUICIDE FUELS CONSPIRACY BUZZ

March 4, 2005 -- WAS Hunter S. Thompson's mysterious death really a suicide?

There are some serious irregularities surrounding the demise of the gonzo author, who was found shot to death in the kitchen of his Woody Creek, Colo., ranch on Feb. 20, and local cops seemed to have done a lackluster job of investigating.

Police reports obtained by the Rocky Mountain News note that cops arriving on the scene heard shots being fired, that Thompson's son, Juan, was allowed to be alone with the body, and that there was something odd about the gun Thompson supposedly used to kill himself.

Before his death, Thompson seemed in good spirits and was not known to be depressed. And considering his long-winded style, the absence of a note seems strange — he'd typed only the single word "counselor."

There were no eyewitnesses to the shooting, only an "earwitness" — Thompson's wife, Anita, who was on the phone with him at the time and who later drank scotch with the corpse. Her account of the incident is inconsistent: She alternately has said that she heard a loud, muffled noise and that she heard nothing but clicking.

The behavior of Juan, who was in the house at the time of the shooting, also was unusual. Pitkin County Deputy Sheriff John Armstrong said that when investigators arrived on the scene they heard shots, but Juan assured them he had merely been firing off a salute to his dead dad. Investigator Joseph DiSalvo also let Juan enter the kitchen alone and drape a scarf over the body.

And in his report, Deputy Ron Ryan noted the semi-automatic Smith & Wesson 645 found next to Thompson's body was in an unusual condition. There was a spent shell casing, but although there were six bullets left in the gun's clip, there was no bullet in the firing chamber, as there should have been under normal circumstances.

DiSalvo said he did not check the gun, adding, "I think a bullet from the magazine should have cycled into the chamber" unless there was a "malfunction." A spent slug was found in the stove hood behind the body.

Conspiracy theorists make much of the fact that Thompson had been working on a far-fetched story about the World Trade Center attack at the time of his death.

As Canada's Globe and Mail reported, Thompson had "stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by the airplanes that flew into them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations."

ASPEN, Colo. - Johnny Depp and Bill Murray, who both portrayed Hunter S. Thompson in films, joined Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson and others over the weekend to remember the gonzo journalist at a private memorial.
> Depp, who played the part of Thompson in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," read a passage from the book in which Thompson rues the end of the '60s, according to a Rocky Mountain News reporter.
> The reporter was given permission by Thompson's family after Saturday's memorial to report on the event.
> The eccentric Thompson, 67, shot himself at his home near Aspen on Feb. 20 after weeks of pain from a host of physical problems that included a broken leg and a hip replacement.
> At the memorial, neighbor and actor Don Johnson remembered once asking Thompson: What is the sound of one hand clapping? Thompson responded by slapping Johnson across the face.

"DEATh TaKes No Holidays!"-?

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