Jun 13, 2005

Jacko not guilty on all 10 counts

not guilty
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Where have all the Good Times Gone???

Bananaroo is but a blurry memory for the 311 boys and now they must regroup before the BIG Gonzopal-loser fest in Larryville....Hide the sheep!!!!!

Oh the wheel in the sky keeps on turning...don't know where I'll be tomorrow.

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"It's a long-long- road, with many a winding turn- that leads...."..

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According to CNN, no deaths, drownings, arrests, muggings, accidents, occured at this years Bonnaroo. Cnn has said absoultely nothing, nada, Zip, about the now Historic Bonnaroo Festival for the calendar year 2005!
Everyone get showered up, find your shirt, and get well rested, because the next stop on the Bobble -headed bandwagon is GONZOPALOZA- 2005- Quatro de julio in Lawrence Kansas USA.

Good night Dave,Good night GonzoBilly,good night shirtless man doing black-smithing in the dark!

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And don't forget John-Boy, Weasle and "Tough". And get the baby jesus in there somwhere.......!
Sweet dreams Bonnaroo, and all you freakers out their looking for your shirt, and a hook-up.

Night falls, Surfing is out of the question, or is it?

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GonzoBilly , finds his way around to the front end of his phone With the tired but intreped Weasle. kids what time is it? that is a question that i can't answer from here! God Speed, you lucky monkeys, Know git along little Doggies.

We all live in a Yellow -Well maybe Beige Submarine!

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The afternoon bliss is shattered when a Wavy gravy dude who only goes by the name "TOUGH" Squeezes his way into the hearts and minds of Dave and Weasel. This then leads to the realization that no one, never ever never leaves the RV again.

Jun 12, 2005

and the music plays on...

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Apparently RatDog or The butthole surfers, Thin Lizzy, Huey Lewis and the News, perhaps it is even Tone Loc, has taken the stage,....... and the festival contiunes to drive the music fans wild........ Keep your clothes on. ........You might need 'em when you get home!

Weasel has made it to Day#3 also!

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dave made it to Day #3

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Day #3 The mist rises, as well as the stench.

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After 2+ days of Hot and Heavy action, the only contact I've had with our gallent foot soldiers at the bonnaroo feste'val are two little text messages:
One said
" Those are video,"
and the other said ,
"DAY 3."
The pain and suffering were evident in the hastily composed scrawl.
"For gods sake man- you have a camera phone-Dial 911!" and set yourself -free, no need to be coy Roy, just listen to me.
Hop of the bus gus.. Don't need to Discuss much.............

"Rock'in into the night Rock'in into the night"-38 special said that.

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Music, snacks, Smoke on the water, Fire in the Sky.

Dave takes in the Show on the RV big screen.

bus big screen
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During a rain break a Squad of tech- geeks from Buzz magizine traded refuge from the storm for a gaint screen Close circuit Bonnaroo live stage Feed intalled inside the yellow submarine RV.
(Dave of the wild frontier) Seen here- Sits comfortably in the captians chair as he watches a performance from a super-group newly formed. It features members of Led Zepplin, Mott the Hoople, The Tubes, Stone Roses,King Missle and the Atlanta Rythm Section (" when you walked into the room there was voodoo in the back").
-Jam-jam jam you darn Jam band!

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