Aug 8, 2006


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Aug 7, 2006

Lagunitas Long Live Gonzo

Lagunitas Long Live Gonzo
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Lagunitas tribute ale to Dr. Gonzo (aka Hunter S. Thompson) after his death mid-2005.

I'm not sure if this was a special brew just for The Gonz or one of their monthly specialty ales with a different label. Anyway, it's an 8.5% strong ale.

The front of the bottle reads a famous quote of Hunter's: "When the going gets weird...the weird turn pro".

The side of the bottle reads: "Hunter S. Thompson, occupies an honored seat in the pantheon of our heroes. We have appropriated much from him, both stylistically and literally. From a direct and unattributed quote on the BrownShugga about '...The short-changed children of the eighties...' to the tone from the Imperial Red Ale story. We didn't ask permission to us this image or make this beer but Hunter did not ask permission to spray-paint 'F--- the Pope' on the America's Cup boat in Newport Harbor way back when either. Hunter looms as large as Kerouac, Hemmingway, Baudelaire and Dylan in our thinking. His subersive Thursday columns in the also gone Examiner propelled our own processes and in that we were changed. Gonzo is dea. Long live Gonzo. Cheers."

Well said. Cheers indeed.


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